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“Bigfoot is by far the best place for any serious screenwriter to get discovered in the Northwest” – Gary Glushon (Producer: MIB 4 and Straight Outta Compton)
The Premier Screenplay Challenge in The NW

The Bigfoot Script Challenge, the number one screenwriting competition in the Northwest, is poised to raise this regions profile as a screenwriting powerhouse.  With the support of SIFF, WAFilmworks, Vulcan, Paramount, Microsoft and Seattle University, among others, entrants compete for exclusive fellowships at the most famous studios in Hollywood and local producers from Seattle’s vibrant indie film community.

The Bigfoot Fellowships are designed to advance a writer’s material and career by pairing them with notable industry executives who can help launch a screenwriter’s career. “Fellowships are a smart and relatively easy way to do something that’s extremely hard: get your work seen by someone who can actually make a difference,” says Sean Robbins of Broken Road Productions.

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siff and bigfoot join forces
One Screenwriting Competition for the Pacific Northwest

In order to provide the best opportunities for filmmakers and writers in the Pacific Northwest, SIFF is proud to announce that this year’s screenwriting competition will be hosted by the Bigfoot Northwest Script Challenge.

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